Let me take you back to 1978. I found myself in a ‘Fun Pub’ in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales doing my first DJ gig on my own! I was armed with some 7” singles from the top 30 and albums from David Bowie and Top of the Pops, all from my own personal collection.

Before this moment, I’d spent the previous 12 months learning the art of performance as a DJ working as a roadie and warm-up DJ for a man who was ahead of his time when it came to ‘entertaining’ his audiences, Mr Wayne Burman.

Wayne insisted that wherever we worked, we ‘put on a show’ and this is something that has stayed with me throughout my DJ career.  From then on, I was hooked, and even though I managed to carve out a working career with ‘normal’ jobs, I always continued with my DJ work. Over the following 30-odd years, I have been blessed to find myself successful as a DJ/Entertainer playing some fantastic music and attending the best parties.

I had spent many years in sales and marketing working for small to large multinational Companies that spent a lot of money on training me to become a better presenter and host. It was then that I realised that my experience and training could be used to emotionally engage and entertain an audience of wedding guests with personalised moments that they’ll fondly remember for years to come. So I decided to specialise in wedding entertainment in Somerset and did some more training both as a Celebrant and as a Wedding Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies so that I could further enhance those lifelong memories for the happy couple and their guests.

Being a Somerset Wedding DJ is my full-time profession, and weddings and making people happy are what really makes me get up in the morning.

I’ve not found another position where from day one I can spend time with lots of couples from all walks of life who want nothing more than to have lots of fun and celebrate their love with their family and friends.

It’s a fantastic occupation, but the impact my performance can have on their Somerset wedding reception brings with it a heavy responsibility. I not only respect it but welcome the opportunity with the same excitement, energy and commitment as those who have chosen me as their creative partner. As my colleagues and newlyweds will tell you, these are the things that distinguish what I do from everyone else.

Now, if you’re looking for “a cheap DJ” who is going to show up and play some tunes, I’m not that guy. But, if what you’d really like is a signature wedding celebration that is a fun-filled, personalised experience for your family & friends, creatively designed, meticulously planned and more memorable than you ever imagined, then I’m just the guy you need.

By utilising my skill and experience as a Celebrant, Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies and Wedding DJ we will work together to create something unique and special for your celebration that will reflect your personalities and styles and WOW your guests.

We start by having an informal, no-obligation conversation over a drink either at your venue, home or at my office in my wedding room in Tintinhull. There we will find out if we can work together or not and then and only then will we formulate an agreement to work together.

If you feel that I would be the perfect fit for your wedding, then I want to hear from you!  Simply call me on 01935 388296, fill in my short contact form or you can email me directly at roger@theweddingguy.org.