In the past, when you wanted to get married you would go to the local church or down the registry office. These days there are so many other options available to you. If you’re confused about what a Celebrant is and have tons of questions that need answering then let me help.

How long does a ceremony with a wedding celebrant take?

This varies, depending on the content of your ceremony.  The vast majority of mine are around half an hour and are created with fantastic flow. My speaking parts are always creatively punctuated with guest readings or involvement in some other way so that the ceremony feels like everyone there has a role in the proceedings, and indeed in supporting the couple.  It becomes a lovely experience rather than someone just standing and reading to a group of people who can otherwise feel quite cold by comparison.

Can guests do readings in a ceremony with a wedding celebrant?

Of course! I actively encourage it and have lots of lovely ways in which this can be done. Guests can select a popular piece of poetry online, or they might want to write something personal about the couple that is shared on the day, but there are lots of other options too. I work with my couples and ensure that the content accurately reflects who they are and that those doing readings are comfortable with everything on the day too.

I love to use guest involvement to really add something a little bit special to the ceremony, and depending on the couple, we can add elements of religion, acknowledge a cultural background, or even a family tradition. I have created a unity cider ritual into a ceremony, numerous Celtic mini-handfasting variations, candle ceremonies, sand ceremonies and a whole host of other lovely activities too! You really can make it truly personal, and unique to you.

Can any type of music be played during a celebrant ceremony?

Yes indeed. I can talk you through various music options with you in advance. Why not walk down the aisle to your favourite song, or sign your certificate with your favourite band playing in the background? There are no restrictions when it comes to music during your celebrant ceremony at all so you can opt for something that you both love and not feel limited in your choices.

If one or both of us have been married before, can we still have a ceremony with a wedding celebrant?

Absolutely. This has no bearing whatsoever on your ceremony with me. I happily work with couples and families with varying circumstances and proudly embrace diversity.

Will we need to sign any documentation during our celebrant ceremony?

Signing documentation during the ceremony is not obligatory but many couples do like to sign a commemorative certificate which can then be presented to them with a beautiful keepsake folder at the end, with copies of their personal vows and readings inside too. You can even choose to have ‘witnesses’ to join you to complete the signing if you wish, and this is a nice way of involving other family members who perhaps were not part of the legal proceedings.

How long before we choose to get married do we need to hire a wedding celebrant?

As with all suppliers in the wedding industry, the earlier the better as it means your date is secured, but there are some legal requirements for the paperwork side that you will need to bear in mind. The law has changed in the last couple of years and so you must now register your intent to marry within 12 months of your wedding, and no later than 28 days prior to your big day.

Would we get to write our own vows or would the wedding celebrant read them to us?

This is a really personal part of the ceremony and I tend to try to keep this as modern and relevant as possible.

There are three styles that can be used, the “I do” that many people expect to hear, the ‘repeat after me’ vows where I read a sentence and this is repeated by the Bride and Groom, and of course, personal vows written by the couple and then read to one another during the ceremony. Many of the couples I work with like to do all three, so I weave these into the flow of the ceremony, but some prefer just to do one or two.

I can provide lots of great ways in which you can deliver your personal vows and am happy to help my couples in terms of creating something special, and ensuring they are similar in length and tone.

It’s your day so be as creative as you wish, and have a truly personal day. Using a wedding celebrant means you will have a beautifully bespoke ceremony, created just for you. Create wonderful memories and make your day unforgettable.

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