Over the past 40 years of working with a whole variety of wedding, corporate, and private clients, refining my speciality, my processes, my education and my general strategic approach, I’ve learned a few things about what makes a successful collaboration and how to get the very best results, together.

If I say it’s all been plain sailing, I’d be lying.  Like many businesses, I probably tried to run before I could walk, accepted clients that weren’t a good fit for me – either I  didn’t have enough expertise, or there wasn’t sufficient budget to allow for the results expected – I failed to set realistic expectations or was swayed too easily by client demands, rather than sticking to my speciality, personalisation.

In short, things didn’t always pan out, and in most cases, it boiled down to one thing… we shouldn’t have been collaborating together in the first place!

With that in mind,  I thought about how useful would it be to have a list of criteria, so that anyone seeking the help of a wedding professional can see just how they mesh with my principles, values, and way of working.  So, Let’s begin!

I may not be the right fit for your wedding if…

You want a ‘factory wedding’ where you accept whatever you are offered.

There are people out there who want this type of service and lots of venues use suppliers to supply them. Sorry, you are not my client. I specialise in personalisation.

You don’t believe your wedding can be ‘Extraordinary’

They did it, let's party!

Trust me, I’ve met dozens of couples who were convinced that their parents, spouses or families would not get involved during their wedding celebration. After a consultation with me, they realised that there are ways of engaging people and getting them involved that an experienced professional like me can bring to the party. Some of those then chose to work with me and created their own version of an ‘Extraordinary Wedding’ that suited them. Remember, it’s your wedding day.

You are only interested in getting it at the cheapest price.

Hey, we all love a bargain! However, you are planning what is probably the biggest celebration of your life as a couple so far and you are going to entrust your big day to someone just because they are the cheapest? Honestly! I’ll remind you of a famous saying by Red Adair and wish you well as I may not be the right fit for your wedding.

You don’t have buy-in from your partner.

I’m all about personalisation, and I hope you are, too.  When it comes to creating an Extraordinary Wedding Experience, it’s important that both of you are accepting of the approach being adopted, especially where there’s an investment of time and money required, to achieve agreed goals.

Whilst we might come up with dozens of unique ideas for the wedding celebration we need both of you to be on board before we get started.  I can help answer every concern, question and justification required, right up-front so that we both know that I may be the right fit for your wedding and move forward together. If you want to.

You don’t expect planning a wedding to be stressful.

If it’s your first time planning a wedding then you really won’t have many ideas of the time and energy it takes to create an ‘Extraordinary Wedding Experience’.  Feed me with the right information (don’t worry, I’ll ask all the right questions), and I can help you deliver the right results.  If you’re expecting someone to guess or even worse assume that they know what you want, then I may not be the right fit for your wedding and I wish you well on your journey!


The important thing to remember is that in order for your wedding to be successful, everyone involved needs to feel comfortable working alongside each other.

If we don’t connect for whatever reason then it’s better we make the decision to not work together from the start. In the next blog post, I give you 5 reasons why I could be a great fit for your wedding!

The best way to find out if I would be a good fit is to start a conversation, so fill in my short contact form, call / SMS or WhatsApp me on 07860 872206 or email me directly at roger@theweddingguy.org!